About Us

Michel CHASSAGNE and Sonia KOVAC, experts in real estate evaluation defined a charter of quality for the success of their customers’s transactions and for their greater satisfaction.
Collaborators and correspondents are selected about rigorous criteria : men and women combining knowledge of the real estate laws and respect of moral and ethics. They are trained with the last laws, methods and techniques using the modern ressources of communication.
Discretion is the master word and confidence is essential.

The French Riviera is an area to enjoy life, properties have an emotional value and it is necessary to respect the personality, the sensitivity and the confidentiality of both buyer and seller.
The expertise if properties allows to fix the right price and guarantees a successful transaction. Waterfront Property makes profit its customers from all the financial and insurances by its membership to Caisse de Garantie GALIAN in Paris
Their perfect knowledge of the 2000 waterfront properties justifies your visit and you have all the time to choose the property of your dreams.
Michel CHASSAGNE and Sonia KOVAC, take part in many professional conferences and the specialized press refers of their reliable qualities (Résidences Secondaires, Propriétés de France, le magazine Côte, Properties Côte d’Azur, Demeures et Châteaux, Résidences Immobilier, Figaro Magazine, Côté Sud, Indicateur Bertrand, Nice-matin, l’Express, Le Nouvel Observateur, la Vie Française, Yacht Club, etc..).
They are your privileged interlocutors because they are the only one to know as well the market of the ” Waterfront Properties”. Michel CHASSAGNE and Sonia KOVAC remain available to answer your waits and feel at your disposal an estimation, an expertise, a purchase, a sale, in any discretion.